Lincoln Lakes Region, known as the "Land of 13 Lakes"

Welcome to our beautiful piece of northern Maine. We invite you to come shop our wonderful mix of businesses and artisans.... hunt, fish, ski, swim and explore our rolling hills and crystal clear waters..... and just sit back, relax, and take in all of our natural beauty and charm.

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All Roads Lead to the Lincoln Lakes Region

Nestled among the Maine Highlands, the Lincoln Lakes Region brings visitors, their families and friends—from far and near — looking to experience our pristine waterways for world class fishing, boating and an authentic lake lifestyle. Leave the crowds and get off the beaten path, and enjoy our many outdoor recreational opportunities. Wildlife enthusiasts and sportsmen are lured to explore our natural habitat that is home to an abundance of resident wildlife. Fishermen can look forward to world class bass fishing on the Penobscot River and competitive hard water fishing during the winter season. Pull out a canoe or kayak and explore the same historical waterways of early century river drivers and Henry David Thoreau as he charted his famous trek through the North Maine Woods. Adventurers enjoy the thousands of miles of interconnecting ATV and snowmobile trails.

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